Mixed Martial Arts Rumors

Mixed Martial Arts is now a sport governed by the UFC. Formerly, the sport had few if any rules and had nobody to oversee the matches or activities going on with the matches. These were days when it can be said that the sport was quite a ruthless affair. This however is no longer the case. Rumors’ going on that it is a deadly sport without rules and regulations is not true. Mixed Martial Arts now stands as a legal sport that is carried on in different areas and has a body of individuals overseeing the events taking place in the sport. Other rumors surrounding the fact that the sport is an unfair game are also not true.


Mixed Martial Arts now functioning as a sport regulated by the UFC has rules and regulations. The rules set in place touch on the matches and exercise routines. The rules inhibit the fighters from the illegal use of drugs or steroids to enhance their performance. This has been able to make the sport a ground where people play clean matches. Its safety is further enhanced by the use of groin guard and a mouth guard to help the fighter sustain no injuries in the mentioned areas. The match has legal moves that are allowed in the match. The use of nails to scratch or gouge at someone are not allowed as these are just means to cause injuries on an opponent and not a means to fight a safe battle.

When it comes to fairness, the contestants are placed in categories according to their weights. This lets people of a similar weight class fight against each other thus avoiding the case of David fighting against Goliath. Other than this, judges are always assigned to a match. These are always on the look out to ensure that both contestants in a match are in sound condition. Each one has the ability to defend ones self from the opponent. When the other shows weakness or inability to carry on with the fight, it is stopped.

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