Mixed Martial Arts and Reverse Pyramid Training

Mixed Martial Art

otherwise abbreviated as MMA is a combat sport that has its roots from ancient times. It has its name due to its nature made from combining Greco-Roman wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and boxing. The sport has minimal rules and many techniques. It stands as a sport that involves grappling, wrestling, and striking between the opponents. To be the best in MMA, you need to have the right physical disposition. This can be achieved through three basic ways. Keeping yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy is the way to good health for the sport.


Pyramid training

is a traditional form of weight lifting split. It involves starting with lightweights as one progress to the use of heavy weights. This progresses to an individuals maximum load capacity. One disadvantage that comes with this program is the working of the technique. With the lifting of every weight load, energy is depleted from the muscles. Caution needs to be observed while participating in this program as it is easy to lose the energy needed in performing the last work set which is ahead and more tasking than the first. Reverse pyramid training however is a different approach to the program. It involves the lift of heavy weights first as one move to lighter weights. It means the use of energy on heavy weights when the stores are at the high points. One then moves down on the weight loads in use, which works well for the MMA strength development process.


A vital tip that many miss to know when handling the pyramid-training mode is that MMA works in a different manner from the advice given over normal exercise routines offered by the gym instructors. At the gym, warm up exercise is stated as important before getting into the real heavy workout routines. The reverse however should be the case with MMA. One needs to reserve energy that could otherwise be lost in taking part on warm up routines. When it comes to MMA strength training, body tension combined with speed are the best tools for a heavy lift. A change from the traditional warm up exercise routines to the modern reverse pyramid routine in effect reveals a change in the strength on a person taking part in Mixed Martial Arts. The speed and the tension of an individual grows over time and an individual gains ability to perform activities that one could not accomplish before.


For greater turnout in effectively displaying the power of the reverse pyramid training, you have to add more to the discipline taken up. One needs to get into healthy nutrition challenge. Health related nutrition is a drive towards accomplishing heavy tasks ahead on the program. Within a few days of a healthy eating program, the results begin to manifest on an individual. The intermittent fasting program has been able to work effectively alongside reverse pyramid training to give good results. The scientific role of the program is to help an individual achieve fat loss, gain flexibility, and add cardio strength. Fast muscle building is a result of the program. Having a good sleeping timetable during the Intermittent fasting program will bring quick success over the program lined up.

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