If you are in search for the perfect pack, Badlands might just have the answer. Badlands has been a leader in hunting pack technology for 10 years, and it continues to bring its customers the best in hunting packs and gear. The company started out as a manufacturer of mountaineering packs of superlative quality, and it is still one of the most cutting edge in the market.
Badlands Hunting Packs and Gear offers a selection of hunting packs to choose from. The Hypervent comes in a “no sweat” design and has more than 1000 cubic inches of air space between the pack and user’s back. This technology allows you to feel cool and comfortable all day. They also have the Hydropack which is built specifically for hunters who need more than just water. Their Hyperhydro also offers the same hydration system with hydropack, and more. The Hyperhydro helps keep hunters hydrated and well stocked with other hunting essentials at the same time.
Their 2200 gives every hunter the versatility he or she needs. It is designed to compress gear efficiently and tightly that it follows your every movement. The 2800 has a very strong fabric and has a unique split design, allowing the hunter to pack all his gear and quarters out in one trip. The molded foam of the 4500 matches the human body’s curves, giving hunters the technology, comfort, features, and performance that they look for in a backpack.
Other backpacks available include The Ox, Diablo, White Tail Hybrid, Monster, Mag Fanny, Nano, and Tree Hugger. The Ox is Badlands’ beast of burden, while the Diablo utilizes another version of their Hypervent system, based on 2 heat hardened stays. Their new Hybrid Day pack is the basis for their White Tail series, bringing the best of 2 styles together. Their Monster Pack is claimed to be the only framed fanny pack in the market, while their Mag Fanny is water tight and has no zippers, and their Nano fanny pack has an Airtrack suspension to keep you cool and comfortable for the rest of the hunting day. And hunters can also ask for their Tree Hugger Fanny from hunting shops if they want to learn more about this pack.
Two other unparalleled packs from Badlands are their Superday and Ultra Day packs. The Superday offers unmatched design features, price, craftsmanship, warranty, comfort, and other things a hunter looks for in a day pack. Their Ultra Day is their answer to hunters looking for a tool box with shoulder straps. Other gears available are their Gear Bag, Terra Glide, Upland Bird Vest, binocular cases, hydration systems, and water resistant sprays.
Ten years in the hunting business and still moving forward – that’s Badlands for you. They continue to make hunting packs and accessories that establish new standards in performance, design and comfort that other companies try to match.

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