Improve Muscle Mass Over 40

Are you over the hill at 40? While it is true that you metabolism slows down as we age, this does not prevent you from improving your muscle mass when you are over 40 years old. There are a number of ways you can increase your metabolism with the help of diet, exercise and even […]

Winning the Waist!

Since the dawn of time women have struggled for freedom. All have suffered. Only a few have achieved dominion over a common foe. No, it’s not men. It’s something easier to get and harder to dump. It literally works it’s way from the inside out. This cursed enemy is present now more than ever. His […]

New Yankee Stadium

In spring of 09 Yankee, fans will get a chance to see the newest addition to the team, a new stadium. This modern baseball stadium has some serious shoes to fill to win the hearts of dedicated fans. The Old Yankee Stadium has stood the tests of time and adversity reigning in New York City […]


If you are in search for the perfect pack, Badlands might just have the answer. Badlands has been a leader in hunting pack technology for 10 years, and it continues to bring its customers the best in hunting packs and gear. The company started out as a manufacturer of mountaineering packs of superlative quality, and […]

History of the martial arts

The history of martial arts is both long and universal. Martial arts likely existed in every culture, and at all classes and levels of society, from the family unit up to small communities, for instance, villages and even ethnic groups. One example is tantui, a northern Chinese kicking art, often said to be practiced among […]

What is MMA?

If you are interested in sports and physical fitness, you may have heard people talking about MMA before. However, you might not know exactly what it is. The abbreviation MMA stands for mixed martial arts. Mixed martial arts is a combat sport that has it origins in the early Ancient Greek Olympian combat sport know […]

Mixed Martial Arts Rumors

Mixed Martial Arts is now a sport governed by the UFC. Formerly, the sport had few if any rules and had nobody to oversee the matches or activities going on with the matches. These were days when it can be said that the sport was quite a ruthless affair. This however is no longer the […]